Get to know the city in a different way!


Tapas in Granada is owned by Irene de Boer. Tapas in Granada originated as an idea to help people find great places to have (free) tapas in Granada. The free tapas is what makes Granada famous! (okay one of the reasons ;-))
On a regular base Irene organises small touristic tapas walks* in the famous neighbourhoods of Granada. These tours will include three stops in typical bars with a drink and tapa.  The bars are for example “de toda la vida” (have been there for ages) or have great tapas, exceptional views or are unknown treasures.

But this site can also be used as a guide to find great bars, and some restaurants, to visit while being in Granada.

How are the pages divided in Tapas in Granada?

The bars are arranged according to themes. On each page they are again divided per neighbourhood. So you can easily choose where to go.
The themes mentioned before are:

*Regular tours are in English and Spanish, but contact Irene for tours in Dutch or German.