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Bar bistro Boque – Closed

This bar no longer exists

In the beginning of April we have visited Boqué, a bar that opened in February 2015. The majority of their visitors are Spanish. Not so many foreigners visit the bar, as it is a bit outside the real city centre. If you are in Camino de Ronda it is because you have something to do there, or you know that this bar is here.
Boqué means appetite and also in their menu they use local words, like for example:
la hora del buné is dessert time
baliché means pig and
del Quinquinobó is from the chef (cook).
They also have crafted beer, which goes directly to the “tap” without adding carbonized gas.
There are different areas and styles in the bar. This afternoon I decided to sit down in the patio. Unfortunately the music was a little loud, as there were just a few people seated. On their terrace they have five tables, in the patio as well and also three barrels. Inside there are eight tables and eight bar stools. Furthermore they have a real hidden, secret, room. A small attic which can be rented for meetings, a real cozy area, with space for up to 18- 20 people.
On the menu of Boqué you can find several things to eat or snack and several bottles of wine. Per glass they have a total of seven wines open. The waiter, who served me, told me that they have several things apart from the menu. This day for example they serve ‘black rice’ and with Semana Santa they had a typical meal. And while writing this blog, I saw that this week they serve Thai tapas. For sure I have to go once again this week, as I love Thai food and I am curious.
The first tapa I had was baby squid in sauce. I liked the presentation a lot and the taste was also very good. As the second tapa, with a tinto de verano (little low on the wine)) I had meat from spareribs with a honey mustard sauce. They call it a “bocadito”, although I was not able to eat it in one bite.
They always participate in events like ´Granada de tapas´, or ´Tapas Japonés´ (Japanese tapas). So many times you can try a totally new tapa.
As it is a rather new business they are always improving things. The week I was there they had just started with a new technology to improve the service for the clients.
During weekdays it is rather quite in the bar, but during the weekend many people visit the bar. Midday Sunday ´s is always family time. A lot of families come to have lunch.
At the moment they have a good team of staff, who work well together and with respect towards each other. The waiter is also very engaged in the business. This afternoon there were only two waiters, one behind the bar and one at the tables. When it is more crowded they have maximum three waiters at the tables and still that same one behind the bar.
The bar is open seven days a week. Kitchen hours are from, more or less, 13 till 16h and from 20 to 24h.*
*From June 1st till September 2017 they close Tuesdays

Address: Camino de Ronda 100


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