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Bar El Oju

Last week he have visited a bar totally different from the usual bars. We visited El Oju, a vegan bar a bit south of the city centre. A bar that opened about three years ago, but transformed into a cooperative six months ago. A cooperative that likes to help organisations involved in freeing animals or concerned about animal rights. A very important cause for them according to one of the girls working this afternoon. They also sell books for this cause, books you can also consult, they sell more stuff and have performances regularly. They try to organize something each week. Last week Friday they inaugurated a exposition of paintings.
In this bar they have nine different tapas you can chose from. Two different ones per table. With my first drink a tinto de verano, I tried the Taco Tex. Was lovely, but unfortunately burned on one side. The table next to mine had the same problem. The tinto de verano was large, good of taste and also good priced.
Between the two drinks I asked for their best tapa and they told me that it is not just one. The stars, the tapas most people ask for, are the Spanish omelette, the meatballs and the choripan.
So I decided to try the tortilla. It really looks like it is made of eggs, but is made of chick-pea flour. Comparing it to the traditional Spanish omelette it is a bit drier, but I did like it. With this last tapa I tried a wine they called Dracula, but in reality is a Quinto de la Tejeras.
So also if you are not vegan, it is worth it trying this curious tapas en El Oju.
Everything they have as food is homemade. The pies they have, have a stunning look. They also serve meals. Thy did not what their star meal is, the hamburger made of mushrooms.
The two girls that were working this afternoon were really nice and took their time to answer to my questions or told me what they thought I needed to know.
The name of the bar has two origins. The first one as an expression, used in a sentence as ´oju what a heat´ and secondly because that is the name of the original owners dog.
Every night there are quite some people, but in the weekends it fills up. The place has seven tables inside and four bar stools. At the terrace they have five tables.
El Oju opens six day in the week. In the mornings from 13.30 till 16.30h and in the evenings from 20.30 a 00.30h.
It is closed on Mondays and Sunday evenings.
For the (visiting) vegans it is great opportunity to enjoy great tapas. But also if you are not vegan, the bar is also worth the discovery!

Address: Calle General Narváez, 4
Website: They do not have


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