Bar F&M

Last saturday I decided to check out Santa Fe, a small city that was of great importance in the last days of the Moorish empire.
This weekend was also #rutadetapas in Santa Fe. So I combined work, with being  tourist.
Unfortunately the day did not go as I had planned, so I arrived late at the first bar. And did not get to try the tapas in the other bars.
As the owner, Manuel, had contacted me through my FB page, I decided to start in  Bar F&M.
The bar is located at a small square on which they have a terrace with nine tables. Inside the bar they have a modern decoration, three tables and a couple of barstools. Behind the bar is a dining room, which at first I did not even notice. They have WIFI and you can ask the code for it, to use it.
When I arrived it was rather busy on the terrace. The waiter, and owner it turned out, was real busy. Besides him there were two more women working, one behind the bar and one in the kitchen. Manuel, a nice young man, told me later that they had just opened month ago on this square and had started five months before in the industrial zone. I guess they made smart choice, to move so close to the old city centre.
As they have a menu of tapas you can chose from, I started, with what I thought was their special tapa, Bollo F&M (a roll with ham, quail egg, lettuce and mayonnaise). Very nice first tapa. If you are with friends you can even choose two different tapas per table.
For the second round I asked for one of their tapas of the Ruta de tapas, Revuelto de morcilla con pasas y pinones sobre crema de manzana y curry (scrambled black pudding with raisins and pine nuts on a cream of apple and curry).
Although I am not a fan of black pudding, it did look nice in the brochure.  And so it did on my plate. It tasted great as well.

If you happen to be in Santa Fe, this bar is definitely worth your visit.
Address: Plaza Pintor Velazquez 2, Santa Fe

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