Today’s blog is about a bar/restaurant in the Albaicin area, on the famous Aliatar square. The Pañero is in the left end corner of the square with a terrace below the trees and some parasols. It has a nice atmosphere and feels really tranquil. Even now and then a car passes from a neighbour. This bar was recommended to me by a former classmate here in Granada. I am happy that I finally visited this bar to try their tapas.
On the terrace they have ten tables and inside seven tables and five bar stools. At midday there is only one nice, attentive waitress attending the tables. She has everything under control.
The bar/restaurant is open seven days a week from noon till midnight. They offer a menu del dia for 9,50 euros. The table next to ours ordered it and it looked really nice. It was also a nice amount. I guess it is worth it to return to try the menu one day of Pañero.
The tinto de verano we ordered had a very nice taste. Enough wine. Just as I like the tintos de verano.
Our first tapa was pisto (ratatouille), from eggplant and with a fried egg on top. The second one was potatoes from the oven with chicken meatballs. The temperature of the tapas were good, ready to be eaten. I do not mind having a bit more salt added and I am not even really a salt lover.
When I am going back to the Albaicin, I for sure will visit this bar again.
Please, tell us your experience!

Pd I went back in november and was highly dissapointed.  The menu del dia was still the same, but this time they charged us 14,50 excluding the drink. On the menu was no price mentioned. I did not complain, but was it a supposedly tourist ripoff?!? I am sorry, but I am not coming back!


Address: Plaza Aliatar 20
Website, they do not have

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