Bares de toda la vida Bar Soria

Bar Soria

The bar Soria is a (in)famous bar in Granada. It is said that the owner of the bar, Fran, has what is called ´la malafolla Granaina´. A phrase a little difficult to explain, but is something like joke that does not feel like a joke if you are not used to it.
The bar was for years located at Plaza Trinidad, but moved last year to Calle Laurel de Tablas, which is a side street from the same square.

The bar is rather small, but usually fills up easily, even with famous people. Local pop groups, like Lori Meyers, come to this bar too.
One of the clients told me that he comes to this bar, because you never are alone. If it is not Fran who talks to you, it will be one of the other clients. Here you do not feel lonely. Fran received me well as well, even though I am a ´quiri´(foreigner).

Fran served me great tintos de verano, as almost 3/4 of the glass was wine and only 1/4 caseras. And as a good waiter he already filled my glass, without even needing to ask for it.

The tapas of Soria are not really big but are delicious. As he does not have a deep fryer you will not find fried tapas. He gave me several tapas of a slice of bread with something on it. The most peculiar one was one with pineapple, brie cheese, zucchini, sugar reed honey and chocolate bits. And finished this piece of art with a cranberry. May sound weird, but it was tasteful.

The bar is usually open from about 12.30 till 15/16h and opens again at 20h until midnight or one am.

I can spend a thousand words on this bar, but the best is to just visit it.
It is an experience you have to live.

Address: Calle Laurel de Tablas s/n, Granada
Facebook, they do not have
Website, they do not have

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