Gran KiKi
Last week we have visited two bars in the Zaidin neighbourhood. The first stop was in Gran Kiki Tapas, open since 1988. This afternoon there were already a lot of people and they were even waiting for a table outside. When we entered there was luckily one table empty. Afterwards […]

Gran Kiki Tapas

Today’s blog is about a bar/restaurant in the Albaicin area, on the famous Aliatar square. The Pañero is in the left end corner of the square with a terrace below the trees and some parasols. It has a nice atmosphere and feels really tranquil. Even now and then a car […]


Los Toneles
ATTENTION: This bar does not exist anymore. It is now called DecoBar Saltamaría. But it has the same owner as before. Today a blog about a bar that is not a new one for me either. This bar is located opposite of the market San Agustin. Los Toneles is the bar […]

Los Toneles

Last week I visited a bar that opened two months ago in Granada, called Filigrana. Just after it opened I already visited it with the colleagues of my coworking. That first visit was a bit of a disappointment. Three weeks ago we gave it a second chance, a better experience. […]


Bares de toda la vida Bar Soria
The bar Soria is a (in)famous bar in Granada. It is said that the owner of the bar, Fran, has what is called ´la malafolla Granaina´. A phrase a little difficult to explain, but is something like joke that does not feel like a joke if you are not used […]

Bar Soria

Bares de toda la vida Casa Julio
This bar, Casa Julio, I got to know through my colleagues at my Coworking. So I had visited it two times before, but always without my camera. So this time I decided to visit them and bring my camera. I arrived just after the bar opened, at 13.10h. It gave […]

Casa Julio

Los Manueles - detail
For already four years Los Manueles is located here. I had always seen it from the (other) outside, so the first time I was taken here through the “secret” entrance (through the hotel entrance) I did not even realize I was in Los Manueles. It really surprised me. Los Manueles […]

Los Manueles