El Oju
Last week he have visited a bar totally different from the usual bars. We visited El Oju, a vegan bar a bit south of the city centre. A bar that opened about three years ago, but transformed into a cooperative six months ago. A cooperative that likes to help organisations […]

Bar El Oju

Bar Avila exist since 1967, run by father and son. Usually the son works in Avila II and the farther in the original one. But as seen before, this afternoon the father was helping out the son in II. In the evenings it is always crowded. This afternoon the bar […]

Bar Avila

Today’s blog is about a bar/restaurant in the Albaicin area, on the famous Aliatar square. The Pañero is in the left end corner of the square with a terrace below the trees and some parasols. It has a nice atmosphere and feels really tranquil. Even now and then a car […]


Los Toneles
ATTENTION: This bar does not exist anymore. It is now called DecoBar Saltamaría. But it has the same owner as before. Today a blog about a bar that is not a new one for me either. This bar is located opposite of the market San Agustin. Los Toneles is the bar […]

Los Toneles

Last week I visited a bar that opened two months ago in Granada, called Filigrana. Just after it opened I already visited it with the colleagues of my coworking. That first visit was a bit of a disappointment. Three weeks ago we gave it a second chance, a better experience. […]


Bares de toda la vida Bar Soria
The bar Soria is a (in)famous bar in Granada. It is said that the owner of the bar, Fran, has what is called ´la malafolla Granaina´. A phrase a little difficult to explain, but is something like joke that does not feel like a joke if you are not used […]

Bar Soria

Bares de toda la vida Casa Julio
This bar, Casa Julio, I got to know through my colleagues at my Coworking. So I had visited it two times before, but always without my camera. So this time I decided to visit them and bring my camera. I arrived just after the bar opened, at 13.10h. It gave […]

Casa Julio

Los Manueles - detail
For already four years Los Manueles is located here. I had always seen it from the (other) outside, so the first time I was taken here through the “secret” entrance (through the hotel entrance) I did not even realize I was in Los Manueles. It really surprised me. Los Manueles […]

Los Manueles

Last saturday I decided to check out Santa Fe, a small city that was of great importance in the last days of the Moorish empire. This weekend was also #rutadetapas in Santa Fe. So I combined work, with being  tourist.   Unfortunately the day did not go as I had planned, […]

Bar F&M