Bares de toda la vida Casa Julio

Casa Julio

This bar, Casa Julio, I got to know through my colleagues at my Coworking. So I had visited it two times before, but always without my camera. So this time I decided to visit them and bring my camera.

I arrived just after the bar opened, at 13.10h. It gave me the possibility to talk for a while with the owner, but unfortunately my anchovies were cold. Allthough my tapa, the anchovies with squid salad wasn’t that bad, I would have preferred them warm. People who arrived about 15 minutes after me, received a better tapa, as you can see in my photos.

So I want to give you the tip not to come soon after opening. Just wait a while, because the bar and its tapas are worth the visit. The other times we had anchovies as well (but warm) and fried eggplant.

Another tip I would like to give you is if you come in a larger group, do not ask all at once. Because the amount of tapas we received was way less then when you ask in two and two. They said, because otherwise it would be like a portion…..

Casa Julio is one of the lifetime bars of Granada, hidden in an alley from Plaza Nueva, towards Gran Via. It sort of also created its own urban legend. Stories go that the owner opens whenever he feels like it. But when I asked him for the opening hours, he said they open from 13 till 16 and from 20 till midnight. But they are closed on Sunday evenings and on Mondays.

The bar does not have any possibilities to sit down. The bar its self is rather tiny, but they extended the bar into the alley. The have barrels in half, against the wall in the alley as tables and in the opposite wall a kind of bar.

Pd Changed owners, so it might be different now.

Address: Calle hermosa 5, Granada
Facebook, they do not have
Website, they do not have

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