El Delirio

Almost two weeks ago we visited El Delirio. With the measures for COVID in place the distribution of the tables is not how it normally is. Currently they have eight tables inside and four outside. There are no bar stools at the bar. This Friday around three o’clock there were three tables occupied inside and one outside and at four it was just the other way around. There is free Wi-Fi in the bar, but you have to ask for the password.
As always I started with a tinto de verano. For my taste a little short on wine. As a tapa they served a chicken fajita, with some red onion and tomato. The way it is served, according to the waiter, depends on that days cook. Sometimes, like today, it is folded and on other days, it is served open.
The waiter was really kind, and as there were not many clients, he took his time to answer my questions. He works here now for three years and thinks the bar opened a year before he started working here.
In Calle Pedro Antonio is another El Delirio, which probably opened another four years before this one. That one caters more families as there are more lower tables with chairs instead of bar stools. In this place, in Calle Varela, the average age range of the clients is from 20 to 35 years. There are a lot of foreigners visiting the bar. Probably because of that the busiest days are Monday through Thursday, and more specifically Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening. Friday afternoon is the slowest moment of the week.
The younger people order a lot margaritas. Beside the normal ones, like with lemon and strawberry they also offer with melon and other fruit.
For red wines they always have four choices. El Delirio from Granada, a Ribera and a Rioja. The fourth one changes. This time it was the Campesino from the Toro region. The special wine and the wine from Granada cost 3,50 euro and the Rioja and Ribera 3 euro each a glass. As white wine they have a Rueda, a semi sweet and a sparkling wine.

So, for my second drink I decided to go for the AC from Ribera as I did not know that one. For a tapa they gave me half a taco, with a slightly spicy salad from thinly pulled chicken, carrot, orange and some more ingredients. I liked it, although I would have preferred something else as the first tapa also was chicken based.
Besides tapas they have a rather large menu. I wanted to try the Nachos Michoacan. As it was a bit much for one person, the waiter offered to order half a portion, even though it was not mentioned on the menu. And indeed, half a portion was more than enough for me. The nachos arrived a little luke warm, but I liked the taste of it.
Usually they are open all days from 12.30 until midnight.
Due to COVID they have different opening hours.
Address: Calle Varela 11



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