Entre Brasas

Entre Brasas

In the second half of July, on a Tuesday afternoon, I decided to visit a bar in a street where I usually tell people not to go for tapas. But Entre Brasas is a positive exception in this street and it is worth a visit.
Miguel runs the bar already for seven years. He choose the name because there is many meat a la brasa (grilled meat)
This time I forgot to order an tinto de verano, as in my previous visits I also directly ordered a glass of wine.  They have four different red wines available per glass and one wine of the week (this week also a Ribera wine) and three white/rose wines. They have a lot more varieties available per bottle.
This afternoon at 14h there were already four tables inside and two outside filled and within half an hour inside was complete and five tables outside.
Currently they have 8 tables inside, 6 on the terrace in the back and 2 in the front in Calle Navas.
With my first drink they served as a tapa secreto (pork meat), which always is the first tapa. I love it and it has a great flavour.
The second tapa is chicken in sauce, which was not my favourite. For a drink I had again the same white Rueda wine. A nice, not very complicated wine.
For the third one I ordered the wine of the week, which was Piña Fidelis. This glass came with a roll of pulled pork. I liked it.
As Entre Brasas had recently updated their menu, I decided to have a look at it and try some things. Miguel told me that they only work with quality products. Not only the meat of course, but also the salads and the cheeses.
I choose to try the deer pate with Pedro Jimenez. When ordering Christian, the waiter, told me that I could also chose two half ones, as they are served in two bolls. So I agreed to his suggestion and ordered also the blood sausage pate with pine seeds. Although I am not a fan of blood sausage both patés were really good and nicely presented.
After that I ordered Pluma Ibérica (again pork meat), which was also tasteful.
They told me that the place fills up every day which does not surprise me. Both guys treat you well, are nice and above all the food is good.
Before COVID the clientele used to be a 60% foreigners and 40% Spanish, but now there are more Spaniards.
In summer there are more people during the week than in the weekends and in winter it is the other way round.
Opening hours are from 12.30h till 16.00h and from 19.30h to midnight.
They are closed on Sundays and Monday afternoon.

Address: Calle Navas 27
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