Gran KiKi

Gran Kiki Tapas

Last week we have visited two bars in the Zaidin neighbourhood. The first stop was in Gran Kiki Tapas, open since 1988.
This afternoon there were already a lot of people and they were even waiting for a table outside. When we entered there was luckily one table empty. Afterwards I found out that they had an upstairs with tables as well. There were more empty tables. At the terrace they have eleven tables and upstairs another eight. Below in the bar they have six tables and six bar stools.
Three waiters were working outside and inside and the owner was behind the bar. There were people of all kind of ages and all layers of the population. The owner’s son told us that mainly there are people of the neighbourhood, but also some people from other neighbourhoods and close by villages. Today we did not see any foreigner. There are always a lot of people in the bar, but Saturday evening is always the busiest.
Gran Kiki has the possibility to choose your own tapa, with a max of two varieties per table. But if you want a fried tapa, you can only chose one tapa as a maximum.
Various days of the week they have a special of the day tapa. Today, Tuesday it is garlic potatoes with fried egg. So we started with this tapa and a hamburger. Both tapas had a good taste, as was the tinto de verano.
The tapas that are most wanted are the fried squid and the aioli pork loin. Each afternoon and evening, towards the end, they are sold out.
So for the second round we tried the aioli pork loin and as recommended the papas bravas, as there weren’t any burritos. The loin could have been more tasteful to me, but my sisters half was better. That half had more sauce. I took a bite out of her half to confirm it. So I was just unlucky.
The owners son asked us if we like spicy food, but I wasn’t expecting the potatoes to be that hot. To be able to eat them we had to scrape off large part of the sauce. And even then we needed the tinto de verano the cool down our mouth.
The bar is open Monday through Thursday from 12 till 16h and 19.30 (20h) to 00.00h
And Fridays and Saturdays from 12 till 16h and from 19.30 (20h) to a 00.30h.
Sundays the bar is closed.

Address: Calle Palencia 25


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