La Estrella del Elvira – Elvira 81

A little over a year ago the owners Elvira 81*, which opened on January the 2nd this year. Their idea is based on what is called in Dutch an “eetcafe”. The two girls, Lola and Carmen, lived for 3 years in the Netherlands, where I got to know them two years ago, oh now three years already.

They loved the idea of a small bar/restaurant, which has a cozy atmosphere. I think they have succeeded in bringing that to Granada. In January when they opened they has in their homemade offer Dutch apple pie. Which was a huge hit. Hope they will bring it back on the menu this winter.

For vegetarians, or vegans, Elvira 81 is a great place to go, as they have a great variety of vegetarian food. At the moment they even have a vegan chocolate pie.
They serve traditional home made Spanish food, like e.g. lentils and paella, but they also have a huge variety of salty and/or sweet crêpes.

Their desserts or pies are also a huge plus of this bar. On a regular base they have carrot cake, beer cake and (vegan) chocolate cake. If you want to complete it with something healthy, ask for their 100% natural fruit juices.

The tapas that they serve with the beer or wine, are always homemade as well. It can be a piece of the Spanish omelet, or quiche or an empanada (savory pie). If you are a beer lover and want to try some regional beers, this is a good place to go.

If you are in the (lower) Albaicin area or are a vegetarian, this bar is a must go.

Address: Calle Elvira 81, Granada


* In august 2016 they changed the name to Elvira 81

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