La Pajuana

La Pajuana

We have finally made it, to visit La Pajuana to write our blog. They are located here since 15 years, but they exist since 1925 in the Avenida Cervantes. They started as a kiosk where they sold fuel, then a combination turning into just a bar. Jorge is the current owner and the name of the bar is derived from his grandparents Paco and Juana.
The fusion style tapas are his and his cook’s inventions. In their time off, they try different things. You cannot chose your tapas, but they ask if you have any allergies or not.
Today, as always, I started with a tinto de verano, which had a good flavour. The first tapa was a puff pastry base filled with camembert cheese, chicken, Mexican and Asian herbs, a sauce made from orange, peach and chili pepper, sesame seeds and a bit of thin sliced spinach. Looked really delicious and was very tasty, but I ended with some dry puff pastry.
They have several white wines per glass, from e.g. Granada and Rueda, but also Albariños and semi-sweet wines and as he said some other weird wines. Same goes for red wines. There are red wines per glass available from e.g. Rioja, Ribera, Granada, Somontano and Bierzo. The prices vary between 3,30 to 5,50 euro.
My second drink was a Finca Moncloa from Cadiz, as I let Jorge decide and surprise me. It was a different wine, just as I like them. With this drink came rice noodles with vegetables and sweet soya sauce. Again a delicious tapa.
La Pajuana also has its special drinks, which they mix themselves. But they might not always be available. In one of my first visits I tried Agua de Sevilla (which has nothing to do with water!), but today they did not serve it. They also have Agua de la Abuela, which I have not tried yet.
And as one of the very few places in Granada they have Alhambra 1925 (El verde) and Alhambra Rojo at tap. (Alhambra green and red)
Their menu is quite divers and has vegetarian options as well as the possibility of gluten free. In the menu there is ‘Carrilada en Pedro Jiménez’ (pig cheeks in Pedro Jimenez) and ‘Solomillo en hojaldre’ (sirloin in puff pastry). Two recipes I tried in earlier visits and which are really worth trying.
Today an acquaintance ordered a sandwich of sirloin with bacon, cheese and tomato. He let me make a photo of it and gave me a piece to try. And I have to admit, it was as yummy as he said it was.
To finish off I ordered the pistachio pie. When I heard Jorge describe it to a nearby table, I knew I had to order it. And it was indeed heaven! He also gave me a bit of Darimus wine. A dessert wine/sweet wine made with only Syrah grapes. A peculiar bottle and an interesting sweet wine. It wasn’t the best combination, but one after the other.. perfect!
Currently there are in La Pajuana seven tables inside and the possibility for two outside. And because of the COVID situation Jorge also takes the temperature of the clients.
Today Friday at 14.30h there are three tables occupied and two hours later five.
Before COVID there were many people coming from Korea, as he is mentioned in a Korean travel guide and because of a Korean movie they made here in Granada. There were days that the Koreans were waiting in line before closed doors. But the majority of clients are from Granada.
At the moment the busiest days are the weekends, but before there was little difference between weekdays and weekends.

Official opening hours are from 13.30h till 17.30h and from 20.00h till midnight.
They are closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Address: Calle Virgen del Rosario 10
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