Bar Kafka

La Taberna de Kafka

In the beginning of February we visited a rather new bar, La Taberna Kafka. A bar that opened in the last weekend of October 2015. They specialize in wines and have some real curious ones. In my second visit I tried a rose wine from Morocco, which was just delivered.
The bar is located very close to Campo de Príncipe in the Realejo neighbourhood. The owner is a young guy, a friend of a colleague of mine of my co-working. The bar isn´t really big, but I really like the decoration.
There are six bar stools at the bar, three tables with three or four bar stools and three barrels that serve as standing tables.  That afternoon it was a bit quiet, but it gave me the possibility to talk to the owner. Normally there are more people in the evenings and in the weekend. During these times he also has some extra hands helping him out.
In La Taberna de Kafka you cannot chose the tapas, but I liked the tapas he gave me. He prepares all the tapas himself. The first tapa always is something like a (creme) soup or stew. Today he served a stew called tagarninas, typical from Cádiz. It was very tasteful. This tapa came with my White Bakkos, a wine from a small winery from Granada.
For the second glass I chose Barba azul from Cadiz, a suggestion and also a favourite of the owner. As tapa he served pringa.
The bar is closed Sunday evening and on Monday all day. The opening hours are as follows:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12.30 till 15.45 and from 20.00 to 23.45h
Friday and Saturday from 12.00 till 16.30h and from 20.00 to 00.30h
Sunday from 12 till 16.30h.

Address: Calle Palacios 17
Website, they do not have

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