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Taberna La Tana

Last week I visited La Tana. A bar I have been before. A wine bar that in the evenings is always very busy. And I have to admit when I arrived around 13.30h, the bar was also quite packed. But the son of the owner was very willing to answer my questions whenever he could. He was responsible today and the only waiter in the bar.
I asked him which white wines from Granada he had, and he suggested three different ones. The first two are well known and I had before. So I decided to go for the third one. A Purulio, an ecological wine from Marchal. A wine that has a bit of a weird taste and an almost yellow/orange colour. But I liked it and I will order it again.
What I do like is that you can always try the wine first, before they will fill the glass. He leaves the bottle next to your glass, continues serving other guests and then returns. So you can calmly try it and savour it very well.
La Tana isn’t a very big bar, but exist almost 25 years. In March 2018 it will turn 25. The mother owns the bar, but the son and daughter run it. Inside the bar there is one small table and eight bar stools at the bar and at the counter top at the wall. Outside in the little square are two half tables against the wall.
At the moment they have 70 different wines to try per glass. About 22 red wines, 15 wine ones, 12 sweet wines, 20 ‘generosos’ and a few rose wines. They do not have a menu for ordering wine by the glass, as they change their stock regularly. But for the bottles of wine there does exist a menu. They have a total of 500 different wines. Almost all the bottles are Spanish, but they also have champagne and sometimes a foreign wine.  The glasses of wine are usually around 3,25 euro. The cheapest one is 2,25 and the most expensive at this moment 50 euros.
The tapas La Tana serves are in majority cold tapas, as can be seen in my photos.
For my second drink I decided to try one of the rose wines he has, and he gave me a Chivite. A light colored rose wine, which is a great summer wine.
The son, and waiter, told me that more and more foreigners know the way to their bar, but there also still a lot of locals. The rise in foreigners is probably because of the fact that he is in all the paper travel guides and they also have a major part in a coverage of CNN, if I remember well, in the USA.
During the summer months of July and August the bar is closed on Saturday and Sunday. The rest of the year they open every day from 12.30 till 16h and from 20.30h till midnight.
If you like wine, come and check out this bar!

Address: Placeta de agua s/n

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