La Tasca

Cerveceria La Tasca

Two weeks ago we accidentally discovered this bar. I once was in Rhin Barril in the city centre and wanted to visit their bar in the Zaidin this time. But a bad choice. The first waiter cleaned our table and told us that his colleague was going to take our order. When she had passed us three times I called her, and she told me she couldn’t serve us. What the heck?
So we got up and left to visit their neighbours. A great surprise!
The waitress of La Tasca also had a lot on her plate, but in the moment she saw us, she warned us that it might take two minutes before she could take our order. No problem. And within a minute she had come back to ask what we wanted. A great start after the disaster with the neighbours.
This is how you treat clients, when you are busy. And clients accept it, as you treat them with respect.
And it looks like it serves them well. They moved here over a year ago, after being 3,5 years just around the corner. And soon the bar will close for about a month, because they have acquired the business next to them. At the moment the bar has 13 tables inside, normal ones and high tables. On the terrace there are ten tables and one high one.
They have several beers, imported ones and national beers, to choose from. They also have 30 different tapas to choose from, of everything a bit, so difficult to pick.
We started with the crispy chicken with curry sauce. The curry sauce is homemade. The owner showed the curry to me, as I was doubting it.
My first tinto de verano was a little low on wine and very low on bubbles. My sister’s one, with one ice cube less, and more bubbles was definitely better. My second glass was also much better. Looked like I had bad luck and had the last bit of caseras of the bottle.
The terrace of La Tasca was full this afternoon, especially with younger people, students and beginning 30, and one family and an elderly man. The owner told us that during weekdays especially young people and people in their 30’s or 40’s come. Saturday and Sunday you will find more families. The majority of the clients seem to be from the surrounding villages or people coming for tapas to the neighbourhood.
Their star tapa is Chicken fingers with sweet sour sauce (with honey). And they are really good. We ordered ‘un plato’, which is like half a portion. But with the Fingers came back our thirst, so we ordered another drink. But with the tapas we already eat earlier that day and the Fingers, we opted for a smaller tapa. An Argentinian empanadilla, also very tasteful. Almost as good as the one in El Tapeo Argentino in Cenes.
If I come back to the Zaidin, I will for sure return to La Tasca.
The bar is open from 13 till 17h and from 20h till midnight or 1 o’clock.
Usually they are closed on Monday, but if it is a holiday they will open as well.
During the summer they are open 7 days a week.

Address: Calle Torre de la Vela 4
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