Bares de tosda la vida Los Diamantes

Los Diamantes

The  first Los Diamantes I got to know was the one in Huetor Vega. A friend of mine took me there. I really loved the tapas and also las raciones. Okay almost everything is fried, but is is not oily at all. Actually one of the cooks explained the secret once, but I will keep it a secret too.

Although it is a chain, not one Diamantes is the same. They all have their own atmosphere. Later on, I was able to show the same friend one of the newer establishments, the one on Plaza Nueva. So we both experienced something new. I then also found out that the first one of the chain, since 1942, is the one in Calle Navas, in one of the famous bar/restaurants streets in the city.
It is always busy, especially at the right times. But it seems to be always the right time for los Granainos or the tourists.
The one I know best is the one on Plaza Nueva. You can say it is one of my regular bars. 😉
I like the openness and kindness of the waiters and when it is quiet the fun you can have with them. I remember one night, towards closing time, the experience with the Indian rose seller, or Pakistani as the call them here.  Even the cook got involved.
But of course, the best of the bar is its “pescaito frito“, fried fish. And they have all kinds, from white fish, to shrimps and shellfish, to some kinds that do not even have an English translation, but are very good.  But as you know, with a tapa you cannot chose which one you want.
Perfect solution is to try a racion (portion). There are medium and entire raciones. Besides the pescaito fito, I do very much like the berenjenas con miel  (eggplant with honey) and the fried vegetables.

I can just tell you: Visit one of the bars and try it for yourself.
I still have three more on my list, the one in calle Navas, in Zaidin and one the one in Calle Rosario (which unfortunately was always closed when I wanted to stop by).

Feel free to comment your own experiences in the comments below. I love to hear them!
Address: Plaza Nueva 13, Granada

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