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Los Manueles

For already four years Los Manueles is located here. I had always seen it from the (other) outside, so the first time I was taken here through the “secret” entrance (through the hotel entrance) I did not even realize I was in Los Manueles. It really surprised me.

Los Manueles is known for its great tapas they serve. On one of the previous occasions they served ‘fideo tostado con salsa piquilla’ (fried noodle with sauce) and ‘carne riojana’ (meat Rioja style). Today I had migas (bread crumbs), but I also saw a meatball as tapa passing by. The size of the tapas do not decrease when you are with a bigger group.

The tinto de verano, they served today was light on the wine, compared to other bars and a bit higher priced (2,25 euro). The bar and restaurant have a more classy look and the drinks are also not served in the ‘normal’ glasses.

Los Manueles has quite a lot waiters walking around for the bar and the restaurant. They are quite attentive to the clients and their needs. The restaurant part is separated by a glass wall from the bar. In the spacious bar area they have six tables, which they do not mind putting together when you are with a bigger group.  In their patio they have two levels and another nine tables. On the street they have another terrace with a couple of tables. Almost always when you pass by their patio and terrace are filled with people.

They have another bar/restaurant real close by, on Reyes Catolicos (from Gran Via towards Plaza Nueva). During weekdays this establishment is open from 7 till 16.15h and 19.30 till midnight. In the weekends they do not close and are open from 7 till midnight or 1 o’ clock.

I would love to hear your experiences! Share them in the comment.

Address: Monjas del Carmen 1, Granada (or Calle Reyes Católicos 61)

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