Bar Manigua – Closed

This bar no longer exists

Today I go a bit off topic with my blog post.
On our way to have a cocktail in Escudo 11, as part of a celebration, we ended up in Manigua. As Escudo 11 was being reformed, we were directed to this bar.
We were quite happy with this redirection. In atmosphere it is nothing like Escudo 11, but we liked it anyhow.
So today is not really a review on tapas, but I thought the bar was worth a mention. I will have to go back for the tapas, because it seemed that the tapas might be worth it as well.
But hey, even though cocktails and mix drinks usually do not come tapas, the waiter was nice enough to give us a “large” basket of popcorn and a small plate of sweets as tapas. No need to review that, although I did really like the sweets. The (ice)cocktails we had were very nice and reasonable priced. We tried two different ones. One was way sweeter than the other, but both definitely worth a coming back for.
The bar Manigua is a bit of the beaten track, but still in the very city centre.
The bar has 10 tables inside, some 7 bar stools and outside on the terrace another 4 tables.
The waiter was nice and treated us well and served us quickly. Unfortunately WiFi did not work and we did not get a very satisfying explanation. In the end he did nothing to find out what was going on.
In general the waiter served the people rather quickly, although when we were there (around 20.30h) there wasn’t a very big crowd yet.
For sure I will come back for a review on the tapas.
Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below!

Address:  Calle Laurel de San Matias 1
Website, does not work


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