Bares de toda la vida Ocana


Mi bar de siempre, Ocaña or also called El Sota. It was almost my second home when I first came to Granada in 1996. It continued to be like that, the years afterwards while working in Hotel Guadalupe.
I got to know the place through friends at the language school. And when the three months of Spanish lessons had finished and I started working, I came alone.
I remember someone telling me some years ago, whether it was the owner or own of the old waiters ´In the beginning you sat on the table by your own and then you came to sit at the bar.´  That is when the thing changed. The bar had a lot of locals coming in everyday. Bit by bit I got to know more of them. I have great memories of my first years in Granada. One of the elderly ladies, Pepa, still remembered me when I met her again years later on the street, passing by, after not having seen her for years.
Bar/restaurant el Sota or Ocaña is already over 100 years part of the Realejo neighbourhood and is owned by the same family, Ocaña. It has a bar and a restaurant part and besides that a typical Andalusían style patio and a cueva (cave) used for groups. The cave has a lot of family history, in the form of old photos.
It has reasonable priced menus, varying between 9 and 15 euros. The owner Toni can be seen making the paella himself. For special occasions they have special menus. The paella is also often used as the first tapa.
This bar is an experience you should not miss out on.
Address: Plaza Realejo 1, Granada

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