Reina Monica

Today a blog about Reina Monica. A bar in the Albaicin area that I passed by on several occasions, but never entered until Friday, a week ago. On this Friday I was with my class of Casa de Porras on a “Granada Secreta” tour in the Sacramonte area. As a good habit, we always finish the class in a bar with tapas and a drink (or two).
This bar distinguishes itself from the rest as it has a huge buffet in the corner, visible from two sides from the outside. A colourful palette of all kinds of food. There are no signs of what what is, so it is just guessing or asking what is appealing to you.
With a beer of two euro (tubo) you get the possibility to choose two different tapas from the buffet. One of the waiters will fetches it for you and warms it up, if necessary. So you are fully free to choose whatever you want.
If you are looking for a cosy bar, Reina Monica is not the place the go. But the waiters are nice and the tapas good. My tapas were cold after they heated it, so I said it and without any complaints he took it back and heated it again in the microwave. The second time round, it was really warm.
They also offer buffet for 10 euros (children 6), which I have not tried.  You can order free drinks and the tapas you like. They complete it with homemade desserts
The bar is worth a visit if you are visiting the Albaicin neighbourhood.
Address: Calle Panaderos 20, Granada
Website, website address unknown

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