Taberna Rios

Taberna Rios, Rincon Alpujareno

In one of our last visits we visited the Zaidin area and stopped in Taberna Rios, rincon Alpujarreño. A bar that was already on my list. I had been there before one evening with a friend of mine. The bar was really crowded that night. Since then I really liked the bar and its tapas. This time round I had my sister over and we decided to give it a daytime visit.
The outside terrace was filled with all local people and so were some tables inside. The waitress did her best to serve all tables well on the terrace.
Since 31 years the bar is in the same hands. It is called Rincon Alpujareño, because the owners are from the Alpujarra region. You can find many photos inside from the Alpujarra region. Even the tobacco vending machine has a photo of the area!
The have about nine tables on the terrace and 10 inside. Around the bar, in the centre, they have 13 bar stools.
Taberna Rios opens daily from about 13h till 17h and from 20h till closing time.
They also have Wi-Fi in the bar and the password can be found in the bar.
They have tapas to chose. You can chose two different tapas per table.
First round we choose el pincho moruno, kebab. For the second round we choose huevo codorniz (quail egg) and longaniza (a sausage). I probably liked the second round better than the first one.
We only chose the warm tapas, but they also have a variety of cold tapas. All tapas can be found on their menu.
The Zaidin area is worth a visit is you are looking for bars with great tapas. If you go, do not forget to include this bar.
Please come back to this blog to tell me about your experience!

Address: Calle Torre Pedro Morales 6
Website, links to FB page

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