Casa de los vinos – La Brujidera

Another bar that I got to know almost 20 years ago, if I remember well.
But one that for some reason, slipped my mind for quite some years. A couple of years ago a friend took me there and since then it is back on my radar.

Casa de los vinos is a rather small bar and a bit out of sight, although in plain city centre.
But it is a real jewel. The decoration fully in wine style, as the name of the bar might suggest. They have maps  on the wall with the various wine regions.
The bar itself is decorated with crates of wine, or parts of the crates.
And the best thing is….
24 different red wines available per glass, as well as 24 white wines. Besides that they have some sweet wines, bubbles and of course also beer and liquor.
A lot of different Spanish regions to try, and even more wines. When I go there I never order the same wine for the second or third round. It is  great opportunity to get to know different wines and Spanish wine regions.
And once a month or so, they change a couple of wines. So you never have to drink the same wine if you do not want to. Besides the huge variety per glass, they have an even bigger variety on bottle.

Another great thing is, if you get the right waiter (and it is not too busy), they even give advice based on your taste or on what you had before. In January I was here with a friend who was really surprised how well the waiter, Paco, was able to suggest wines that were fully in line with his taste.
The price is also no reason to pass by this bar and not to visit it. Average price is about 2,60 euro per glass. The most expensive one I saw, was 3,60 euro, if I remember well*.
A jewel, really worth discovering!

*Checked last night… most expensive red one was 4 euro
Address: Calle Monjas del Carmen 2, Granada

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