Casa Mol

Casa Mol

Last week I visited a bar I have never been before. A friend of mine told me that he liked the bar.
So,as I was one a tight schedule that week I decided not to go too far off the beaten track. I visited two bars, “south” of El Corte Ingles, in Calle San Isidro. One more famous one, which we will tell about in the next blog. In this blog, I will tell you about Casa Mol. Here you can choose your tapa and you can have two varieties per table. When I was there about three o clock it was rather quiet. Only one waiter and one cook. The waiter told me that in the evenings there is more clientèle and in the weekends it is filled. Then they also have three waiters.
The bar is maybe a bit “pijo”, as they say in Spanish, attracting more classy people, but there are also working class people. I did not see one foreigner this afternoon.
They have seven tables, the bar to sit by and a bar close to the window, both with several bar stools.
The tapas they serve are what they nowadays might call “gourmet”. Stylish and usually not too big. But in this bar the sizes of the tapas are nice. And I liked the taste of them too. Okay, it takes a bit longer before they are served, but it is worth the wait.
The first one I tried was a “tower of eggplant on a tomato base”, accompanied with a tinto de verano. The tinto de verano was good of taste and the tower tasted very well too. The temperature was also good.
The second tapa I tried was a casserole of creme spinach with salmon and gratin of mozzarella cheese. Straight from the oven and really hot, but also tasty.
The waiter told me that they do not really have a tapa of the house, but the two I tried together with the two montaditos (small rolls of bread with something) are the tapas people choose most.
Casa Mol also has three new tapas on the menu, like the homemade meatballs, the creme mushrooms and the sandwich Casa Mol.
Next to the tapas they serve also pinxtos, which in this case are bigger tapas, not yet portions and some more food.
Since two years they are located on this address s and before three years at another location, a bit further down.
The kitchen is open from 12.30 h till 16 and from 20 h till midnight. The bar itself a little bit longer. They normally close on Sundays. But if the Sunday is a holiday, they do open.

Address: Calle Duende 11
Website, they do not have


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