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We have visited the Garden Plaza two times. First was a couple of month ago together with the competition and with a couple of friends. We were invited to try the tapas and we went a Friday evening. This Saturday I returned on my one to take some more photos and to investigate the bar a little more.
This bar opened in November 2015. The name does not have any specific meaning, but the owner, Dani, just likes plants and the theme `nature´, That is why the bar and this name and this atmosphere.
They do not have a beer menu, because they keep on changing and trying new ones. But at the moment, they have all the varieties of the brand Alpujarra. A brand that for sure will stay in the bar.
This time I started again with a tinto de verano. As last time, it had little taste of wine. I like it with more wine.
Here you can chose your tapas, with a maximum variety of two per table. The first time I took a San Francisco and this time I started with a fried Camembert.
The San Francisco did not have much flavour, but is quite big in its size. The fried Camembert was good, but you had to add a lot of the very nice mango coco sauce to actually taste the sauce.
For the second round I asked for a dry white wine and they had only one variety, and ofcourse that is a Rueda wine. It was not bad, but also not the best white Rueda wine I ever tried.
The fajita with meat and homemade guacamole, is not always the same, the first time it was rather spicy and really a fajita. This time round it was more a taco, a crispy fajita. But both times I liked it.
The first time round we had the possibility to try all the tapas of Garden Plaza, so hereby a short resume:
Quínoa salad – not bad, not good
Croquette of cod – good
Gamboa – tasty
Samoa – interesting
Salmorejo – tasty
Croquet of bolutes ( a kind of mushroom) – good, but did not really taste the PX
Chicken curry – tasty
Mini Burger – mini with a lot of bread.
We also tried the red tuna fish as a portion that day. That was really good.
Garden Plaza has 14 tables inside and a barrel with bar stools in the entrance hall and about 18 tables on the terrace.  That Friday the terrace was already filled and inside within a couple minutes, around 20.45h all tables were also occupied. This Saturday afternoon two tables inside were occupied and seven on the terrace.
During the week the bar usually attracts young people, in their thirties, and in the weekends the majority is families that come to eat. The busiest day in summer is Friday evenings and nights and in winters weekends and especially Sunday afternoons.
The bar is open 365 days a year. During weekdays from 11 till 17h and from 19.30h till midnight. In the weekends it is open from 11h till midnight.

Address:  Plaza General Emilio Herrera 5
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