La Botilleria

La Botilleria

A couple of weeks ago I wanted to visit another bar, which was unfortunately closed for holidays. But as the son of the owner is co-owner of La Botilleria, I decided to go there instead and write this blog about them. This bar opened about five years ago.
It wasn’t my first visit to this bar, so I knew sort of what to expect. And as always, the first tapa was again the mini hamburger and also a small bowl of olives.
My first drink in this bar was Pagos de Quintana, a red wine from Ribera de Duero. As always a good wine. With my second drink, they brought me cod with tomato sauce. As always both tapas were tasteful. For a drink I took Liberalia Cero de Toro. I asked for a recommendation after having had the Pago de Quitana. La liberalia is a full bodied wine, but I did like it.
There are six tables in the restaurant part (in the back) and also six in the dining area in the bar that is used for tapear or sharing food. IN the part of the bar there are eight tables and seven bar stools at the bar. Normally there are about five tables on their terrace, but today due to construction works on the road, there were only four.
All kind of people frequent this bar. There are foreigners, ‘house guests’ and Granadinos. This afternoon all tables in the bar were occupied, but the tables in the dining areas were almost empty.
On a blackboard on the wall they write down food suggestions. These suggestions change on a weekly base.
La Botilleria wants to transmit tranquility and good food, as well as treating their clients with a smile and helping them to choose their meals in a relaxed way. They also want their clients to experience the sensation of live, the palate and the flavour.
Today’s waitresses were very kind and helpful. They did transmit what the company want their clients to experience.
During the summer the bar closes Sundays. The other days it opening hours are from 12.30 till 16.30h and from 20.00 to 00.30h
In school season they are open seven days a week from 12.30h until 00.30h.


Address:  Calle Varela 10



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