La Castellana

La Castellana

Like I said in my fore last blog, we visited the Angel Ganivet street to discover the tapas there. In this bar, that opened their doors in 1992, I have never been before. La Castellana is a bar with an old feeling and a clientele a bit more classy and elderly. This afternoon all the clients were over 40 years, except from a foreign family in the restaurant area.
On their webpage or their Facebook page I read some positive reviews about the waiters and how they treat you. Well, may be because I look foreign and I am not a regular client, they treated me differently. I did not find the waiters real friendly and I had to wait long to get their attention, even though they walked past my table several times.
This afternoon there were quite some clients at 13h, but 45 minutes later there was no one at the bar and just a few tables occupied inside.
Like always, I asked as my first drink a tinto de verano con blanca. But this one was real sweet. Tasted almost like sangria without the extra alcohol. As tapa they gave me a mini hamburger on a slice a whole grain bread and with a mini green pepper.
For my second round I asked for a coca cola. They brought me a 350 ml bottle, which was actually not bad on price quantity level.
The tapa that came with this drink was an arroz caldoso, like soupy rice, with a lot of artichoke and very little chicken. It took a while before I got my tapas and to me it where not the best tapas I have ever tried in Granada. They are not bad, but not very tasty either.
In La Castellana are six tables and seven bar stools inside. In the restaurant part are seven tables and outside on the terrace another eight tables.
According to the menu the price of the products differ to where you are sitting. If you are at the bar the VAT is included and at the tables the price is excluding VAT. Probably on the terrace the prices are also different, but I did not check that out.
There is Wi-Fi in the bar, but for me it did not really work. I needed my 3G to check things.
The bar is open from 9 o’clock until midnight, almost every day the year, except from some holidays.

Address: Calle Ganivet 4

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