La Cavilla

La Cavilla

Just before lockdown we visited La Cavilla. A bar that opened their doors in December 2019.
I got to know the owner, Israel, in Casa de los Vinos, la Brujidera, where he used to work for ages. As he is much into wines, and in his new bar has a small cava (wine fridge) , he named its bar La Cavilla.
As always, I started with a Tinto de verano. This one was slightly sweet, but with a good amount of wine. Today as a first tapa it was ‘Callos’. He at least asks the people if the like callos or not. I am not a fan, but decided the try his homemade ones. And I liked it, with its spicy touch.
This afternoon there were four persons in the bar. The owner is a really nice guy and already has a lot of returning customers. The majority of clients are people from Granada, although also sometimes foreigners find their way.
Inside, there are two high tables with its bar stools. Besides that there is also a bar at the Wall and six more bar stools in the front part of the bar. In the back he has a little room with two high tables and their bar stools. During summer he has a terrace with five tables. Which he could finally use after the lockdown.
The menu of La Cavilla has a variety of dishes, but there is also more. On the wall he has mentioned various recommendations.
This time I decided to try the half portion of sheep cheese with black garlic. In an earlier visit I tried sheep cheese with boletus. Both cheeses are very good and without a doubt I will order it again.
For my second drink I decided to try on of his wines, and Israel suggested Campesino from Toro region. He knows, that I like to try new wines.
With the second drink he gave me the Russian salad tapa, in this case with crab sticks. The whole Russian salad was homemade including the mayonnaise, which had a light and refreshing taste.
As I had not eaten yet, I also decided to try out the half portion of duck mousse. I loved the presentation with the salted bread, a little jar with olive oil and coarse salt in a little bowl.
The bar is all year round open, from Monday through Friday, except from the three holidays in December.
The opening hours are from 12.30h till 16 and from 20h to midnight and during the weekend until 1 am.

Address: Calle Aben Humeya 21
they are working on it.

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