Los Marianos

Los Marianos

When I visited Los Marianos it was December. Quite some time has gone by. At that time there were only two Marianos, one in Plaza Mariana Pineda and the other one in Calle Concepción.
Now they even have three bars. The first bar in Calle Concepción opened a little over 2,5 years ago. The one in the Mariana square exists now almost 1,5 year. The third bar they opened this spring.
The one on the square has a terrace and the one in the side street, of the square, has a dining area, so they do complement.
I visited Los Marianos 1.0. That Sunday around 13.30h there was still little going on. Half an hour later the bar was filling up. What I do like a lot about 1.0 is that mainly locals visit the bar.
In the dining area there are several tables reserved. The dining area is not for tapas. That is for having a meal and sharing portions with friends and families.
In the dining area are seven low tables and in the bar area six high tables. The waiters are very lovely and attentive.
Always when I visit the bar for a tapas tour, we order fried prawns and dogfish in ‘adobe’. They are always very tasteful and the clients like them a lot.
The tapas and the portions are similar to the famous Diamantes bars. Fresh and well fried fish, nothing greasy.
Today as a first tapa they served me prawns. As always I asked for a tinto de verano, which today was okay. Not too much wine, nor too little. Unfortunately there weren’t much bubbles in the caseras. The second tinto de verano was better.
With the second drink they served fried anchovies, which this Sunday was a bit salty.
Even though this Sunday was not my best experience with them, I have returned several times afterwards.
The busiest days are Friday evening and Saturday the whole day.
In the evenings they open at 20.30h.
Sunday evening and Mondays they are closed.


AddressCalle Concepcion 6 / Plaza Mariana Pineda
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