Los Toneles

Los Toneles

ATTENTION: This bar does not exist anymore. It is now called DecoBar Saltamaría. But it has the same owner as before.

Today a blog about a bar that is not a new one for me either. This bar is located opposite of the market San Agustin. Los Toneles is the bar my colleagues (and I) go almost every day for breakfast. So it was about time I wrote a blog about them.
For 1,80 you have a cup of coffee, a glass of orange juice and a half roasted roll. As we come there on a regular base, there is no need to tell the waiter what we want. He already knows.
The staff in general is nice, although I have to admit that I do not know the waiters that work the evening shift.
Inside they have five tables and possibility to sit at the bar, and outside they have five barrels as tables. Now you also know where the bar’s name comes from. As you can see on the photos the bar has a creative look. I especially like the table plates of the barrels. They also have a real nice painting on the wall with some interesting texts. Worth to take a closer look.
You can choose two different tapas per table, from a list of 18, in Los Toneles. A variety of the tapas you can see in the pictures as I, and the friend I was with, ordered each round a different tapa per person. All were very delicious. We tried for example salmon with orange, avocado with salmon and meat in sauce.
This bar is real centrally located and worthwhile a visit!
Address: Calle Cristo de San Agustín, 12 or 14
Website, they do not have

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