In the first half of August we have visited Luises, on a Saturday afternoon. There were not a lot of people. But as they told me Saturday afternoon is a quiet day in summer as many Granadinos are at the beach during the weekend. The majority of the clients are Spanish and from Granada, but also from the surrounding villages and from further away.
The busiest days for them in summer are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and during the winter from Thursday to Saturday.
Luises was founded on the 10th of June in 1996. In the beginning the owner was the father Luis, later on the whole family got involved, and since 2012 the son Luis is in charge together with David, the cook.
The bar isn’t really big. There are three tables and two barrels inside and five bar stools at the bar. At the terrace you can find three tables and three high tables.
As always I started with a tinto de verano. Which was good, with sufficient wine as I like it.
But here you come for the good wines. They have a huge variety of wines, also from outside of Spain, like Hungary, the Alsace and Germany. Luis doesn’t even know how many different wines he has, but he serves them all per glass, except from the sparkling wines/champagnes.
Today they let me try several of their tapas, and I have to admit I liked every single one. The majority off their tapas are a slice a bread/toast with something.
Today I started with baked eggplant with bacon from the Iberian (bellota) pig, with chopped spring onions and mojo picón. Really good.
After that I tried:
– Tomato with anchovy, parsley oil, on top of a stroke of raspberry sauce.
– marinated fried anchovies, according to grandmothers recipe. In the earlier days it was a way to conserve the anchovy.
– tomato with cheese 100% manchego, (mixture in olive oil from Malagón), with a strawberry and brown sugar.

And finally I tried two special tapas of Luises, the Spanish sushi and ‘el secreto de pesti os”. Both real good.
The sushi is made from Serrano ham, Japanese rice, avocado, herring (but from tuna) and carrot, on top of a reduction from moscatel de Alejandria and brown sugar.
The secreto de pestiños, is Iberian pork with a sauce made from pestiños. The pestiños are arabic desserts. This is the most wanted extra tapa.
Besides the tapas, they also have a menu, which is a strong point. People always ask something from the menu. In other visits I have tried already duck rillettes (kind of pate), hueveos rotos (broken eggs) and a giant meatball. Everything is nicely presented and taste good as well.
Today I have tried their star plate, according to David, the cook, steak of red tuna.
To die for. It is really good.
Luis told me that he has a passion for the good things, for the wines, the products they use and for making his clients enjoy. He loves seeing his clients enjoying their wines and food.
If you want to try something new (wine), let yourself be guided by Luis. You cannot go wrong.
Today for example I have tried Perlada, a cava and a Zarate, with the albariño grape.

The bar is opened from 13h till 16h and from 20.30h till midnight.
Sundays and Monday afternoon it is closed.


Address: Calle Mercedes Gaibrois, 6
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