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Pura Vida Burgers & Drinks – Closed

This bar no longer exists

I accidently got to know Pura Vida. Actually I wanted to return to Manigua with some friends, to try their tapas. Turned out that since May 2017 Pura Vida is now located where Manigua was. I liked their tapas, so I decided to return and write this blog.
Pura Vida is an expression from Costa Rica. The owner of the bar really liked the concept of Pura Vida and tried to recreate it in this bar. Although it is difficult to capture a feeling/art of being in a decoration, he did manage to create a relaxed atmosphere in which you can enjoy the good things of live.
I returned on a Sunday about two weeks ago. When I came at 2 o clock in there was only one table inside and outside occupied, but half an hour later five tables inside where occupied.
Inside in the bar they have seven high tables with bar stools and three lower tables with chairs. At the bar they have 15 bar stools and outside on the terrace three or four tables.
The waiter took his time with the clients, explaining and showing for example various wines. When he could he also took the time to answer some of my questions, without interrupting the service to the other clients.
I started my visit with a tinto de verano, which had a nice taste. Enough wine. The accompanying tapa was ceviche, with green pepper, onion and shrimps. It looked real yummy, and it also tasted good. With my second drink they served ‘papas arrugadas con salsa mojo picón’ (wrinkled potatoes with spicy dip sauce), a typical plate from the Canary Islands. My second drink was a Rosa O, a rosé wine from Calvente winery (from Granada). I did not know it, but it was tasteful. Dry wine, but fruity.
As they promote themselves as ‘Pura Vida Burgers and Drinks’, I had try a hamburger. I choose La Pura Vida. The waiter asked me how I wanted my meat. Never had that before with a burger. It took 20 minutes before it arrived at my table. Thought it was a bit long, especially as there weren’t many people eating at that moment.
The fries that came with the burger were definitely homemade. But I liked the burger, with goat cheese and in lemon caramelized onions.
The homemade cheesecake was also very delicious.
In my photos you can also see a plate of Linguine with langouste, which the waiter brought to another table. The ingredients of the food are brought to the bar fresh each day, by e.g. the butcher and the grocer.
In the evenings the bar turns into a pub, the light dims and the music is being turned up. I also experienced that when I was here, during the first visit on a Friday evening. Everywhere in the bar, as well as in one of the windows, you can see Carmela Gin. Turns out it is their sponsor. It is a new brand of gin, in whom they have confidence. There are even people coming to this bar, especially for that gin. The other day they had a lottery, in which the winner took home a bottle of this gin.
The visitors of the bar are all kinds of people; Granadinos as well as people from other countries and places.
The bar opens each day, except Monday, from 13h until 1 or 2 am and in the weekends even until 3 am.


Address: Calle Laurel de San Matias 6

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