Los Pensadores

Taberna Los Pensadores

The first Saturday of November we visited Taberna Los Pensadores, thanks to a tip from a friend. I usually do not go out in the Calle Alhamar zone, but I think I can make an exception for this bar.
This afternoon, around 3 o’clock the bar was full. We were lucky enough to find one bar stool that was free, and a little later a second one.
I started with a tinto de verano, which to my taste, could have had some more wine, but the tapa was good and different. They gave us a ‘fidewow’, noodles with clams and vegetables.
As we didn’t had our lunch yet, we decided to ask for a half ‘viaje’, A half portion of eggs, potato, foie and Iberian ham. A good size for two women and it was really tasteful.
When I was taking pictures of the bar, a group of regular clients asked me to take a picture of them as well. I used this opportunity to ask them about their experience in this bar. They like the way the staff treats them, they feel like at home. And I have to admit the staff treated us well. The owner told us, that the staff is a good team, they work well together and also have a great connection with the clients. They even go out with some of them. They have regular clients from Madrid and Germany, who whenever they come to Granada, visit the bar. 60% of the clients are from Granada and thee rest from ‘outside’.
This group of friends really liked the rice of the house and the cheese. And when they brought these plates to the table, I asked permission to take a photo. They granted me the permission and I had to try it as well. The rice and the cheese were really nice.
The best plates from the Taberna Los Pensadores are iberoamerican pig tender steak and risotto, smoked salmon and avocado tartar, the ‘viaje’ and cubes of fresh tuna and sauteed tomatoes.
You cannot chose your tapas, but the tapa the clients like the most are the meatballs. We were lucky enough to get these with our second drink. The meatballs are homemade and have Malaga sauce, a sauce made of oregano, onion and salt.
My friend ordered a glass of Ribera and tried Toser. I decided to try a new wine for me, Los Pensadores of the Los Pensadores vineyard in Santa Fe, Granada. The former owners of the bar, are the owners of the vineyard. They opened this bar three years ago and the current owns took over it two years ago.
Inside the bar are 13 bar stools, eight low tables and one larger high one. This rainy Saturday there was no table set on the terrace, but normally there are 6 to 8 tables outside in winter time and in summer up to 12.
If you want to come to eat during the weekends, you need to make a reservation.
Sunday evenings they are closed, but all other days they open from 8 till 1 am or 2 am in the weekends.
Address: Calle Alhamar 21 
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