Taberna Malvasia

Taberna Malvasia

In the beginning of September we visited the Taberna Malvasía. I already wanted to visit it in August, but then it was closed for holidays.
And the day we did get to visit the bar, it was exactly two years since the opening. Congrats!
The decoration of the bar is getting more and better bit by bit, we were told by the owner Miguel. And I must say, that Friday I saw again a nice improvement.
In one of the corners of the bar a lot of wine bottles are gathered. These bottles are remains of all the wine tastings he had in the bar. If there are wine tastings it usually is on a Thursday or Sunday evening.
Since a short while they also have a small extra space with five tables. In the bar there are three high tables with bar stools and nine bar stools at the bar. On their terrace they have two wine barrels with bars stools and a small bar against the window with another two bar stools.
When we were there, at two in the afternoon, all the tables were occupied, mainly with Granadinos and Spanish people, but more and more also foreigners find their way. In the weekends there are more people, than on weekdays.
The Taberna Malvasía has about 20 red wines open to buy per glass and another 12 white wines. And always when you try a wine for the first time, he lets you try it first. That is what I love.
Another day we visited the bar, there was one wine that we did not like, and without any problems we could change it.
For the tapas he prefers quality over quantity, likes he said he lives for the quality of his tapas. He only has two types of fish for portions, dogfish and anchovies.
The first tapa he gave us was a great quality veal and the second one was ‘secreto blanco’ (pork). The hamburgers he serves are made from the same great veal. He also made us try these.
Today we had three wines and with the third one came homemade ‘pisto’. All the four tapas were delicious.
Also the way the owner treats his clients is great. Attentive, but with respect. We very much liked discovering this bar and we have already returned several times.
At this moment the bar closes on Wednesday, but the owner prefers to be open 7 days a week.
Opening hours are from 13 till 16h and from 20h till midnight and on the weekends till one o’clock.

Address: Calle Rosario 10

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