Taberna Sacacorchos

My start in Taberna Sacacorchos was not a good one. The two waitresses passed me several times without saying a word. With a Spanish couple that entered just after me, they reacted a lot quicker. Maybe they are not so much interested in attending foreigners.
The funny thing is when I asked them why the people come to this bar they said that it is because of how they treat the clients and because of the good tapas. Well, I did not experience the great treatment in the beginning.
The people that visit the bar love the home made food. Their special is ´huevos rotos´ (fried eggs, with fries and ham) and tartar of tuna. You cannot chose your tapas, but the tapa that the people liked the most is called ´flores ´(flowers), filled with minced meat. Unfortunately I did not get to try that one.
My first tapa was migas that came with my tinto de verano. The tinto de verano had, to my taste, a bit too little wine.  As my second drink I ordered Finca Resalso, a Ribera de Duero. A Ribera I did not know, but the next day I got offered it as well in another bar. For me it is not the best Ribera I ever drunk. The second tapa took ages before I received it. Other people that ordered a drink, later then I did, did get their tapa quicker. And in the end it was the same soupy rice. It wasn´t bad, but personally I like it to have more flavour.
When the owner came, things got better. The tapa with the third drink came a lot quicker and the wrap had a nice taste.
Taberna Sacacorchos has six or seven red wines available per glass, including Fontedei from Granada. They offer four white wines per glass, of which three are actually half dry ones.

They have a terrace or something alike, with about eight tables. Now in winter it is covered and during the weekends it is reserved for lunch and/or dinner.
In the bar are eight bar stools and four tables with chairs. This afternoon, a Saturday, at 14h the bar was full. During the weekends there are many people visiting the bar and in the evenings even more.
All kind of people come to visit the bar, including families and in general they are locals from Granada.
The bar, that opened 9 years ago, has no Wi-Fi.
In August the bar is closed and also each Tuesday. The other days of the week the bar is open from 13 to 16h and from 20.30h till midnight.
Address: Calle Conde Cifuentes 26 
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