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TTT Granada – Closed

This bar no longer exists

Last week I went to a bar in a street I do not frequent, if I am looking for tapas. I got to know this bar thanks to Instagram. It turned out that TTT is rather new and only exist for 6,5 months, so since January 2017. Of course I wanted to know if TT did mean something or not. If you know the menu, you might know what it stands for. 😉 For those who don’t, TTT stands for Tabla, Tataki and Tartar.
With my first drink, as always a tinto de verano (which had a good taste), they brought me some olives. So I was a bit disappointed, but a bit later they brought me the first tapa. Potatoes with a bit of spicy sauce, or better said a bit spicy sauce, as I did not find it spicy at all.
This afternoon there were only two tables occupied and with mine three. About 15.30 it started to become a bit more crowded. The music was a bit loud, but not too loud to be disturbing. The style of music changes according to the hour of the day. For example coffee time, between 17h and 20h, the music will be more lively and after midnight it turns into a pub.
During the weekend, or better said from Thursday on, TTT gets busy with people coming for dinner, cocktails and mix drinks. On Thursdays they sometimes have live Japanese cooking. And on a regular base they have weeks with a theme, in which they take away the normal menu. So people do not get fed up with their menu and there is some variation.
At a given moment one of the waiters brought me a skewer with a prawn and a slice of mango. So I would try that as well. And I have to admit it was real good.
For my second round I asked for a glass of viña Galera from the Rueda region. As I had never tried it before, I decided to order it. But unfortunately it is not one of my favourite Rueda wines. With this glass of wine they brought me as tapa a Mille-Feuille with cheese and eggplant and a little bit of marmalade.
On the main floor they have 11 high tables with table stools of all kinds, and one normal table. At the bar are 15 table stools and outside on the small terrace four tables can be found.
As a surprise they also have a salon downstairs, with about seven tables and its own bar. This salon can be used for celebrations of any kind and is open for clients when upstairs it is getting too crowded. It also has a screen to show photos or videos on, if wanted.
One of the waiters prepared the salon especially for me, so I could take some beautiful pictures of it.
Next to the interesting decoration they have two little black dogs in the bar, one upstairs and one downstairs. They are the mascots of the bar, because they are lookalikes of the dog of the owner. If you look carefully you might find more them.
During the week TTT is open from 13h till 2 a.m. and on Friday and Saturday from 13h till 3 am. Until July they were closed on Mondays. Now they are closed on Sunday and Monday morning.


Address: Calle Ganivet 15


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