Vinotekan Tragalios – Closed

This bar no longer exists

In January 2017 they started with the bar Tragalios. The name is based on the trouble (lios) to open a bar, looking for a perfect location and from one or several glasses (tragos) while thinking about a name.
Years ago I had been drinking a glass of wine with a friend of mine on the bar’s terrace.
This terrace is the most important part of the bar, with its 23 tables and four high tables or barrels. The terrace can be found on the square at the back of the bar. In the bar itself there are only 13 bar stools.
When I arrived on the Saturday afternoon I could not chose my own table. The owner, Jose, told the waitress the table number.
The first tapa they gave me was migas, a typical plate from Andalucía. This tapa they only serve in the afternoon. The second one was meat in sauce. Both tapas were of good quality and quantity.
Their star plate is paté with homemade marmalade and the homemade croquet with meat from the ‘cocido’, a typical plate. Clients also often ask for the croquet with shrimps pil-pil style. Each year they change the menu, but the most sold items always remain. Their kitchen is Mediterranean or food from the neighbourhood.
Tragalios started out with 80% of its products from Granada, but nowadays it is more or less 50-50. Unfortunately the wines from Granada did not have that much success. Apart from the wine menu they also have new wines each 15 days. At the moment there are three extra wines.
Each Wednesday or Thursday they have a wine tasting. On their website you can see which day of the week the tasting is.
They also have a wine course in which they celebrate the golden, silver or bronze nose. You can win a trip to e.g. Rioja, a box of wine or a dinner in the restaurant/bar. The course takes three months.
The bar also has its own party/tradition. At 6 o’clock pm on the 31st of December they take six grapes. (They Spaniards take 12 grapes at midnight on New Year’s Eve.)
Thursdays and the weekend always a lot of people visit the bar. This Saturday, beginning afternoon, ¾ of the terrace was occupied and there were three waiters attending the clients. Many clients do stay for copas (e.g. gin tonic) after lunch. 70% of the clientele is female and 70% is from Granada.
The bar is open from 12 until 1 am, but the kitchen is closed between 17 and 19.30h. In these 2,5 hours they do still serve cold tapas or cold plates.
Tragalios is open 7 days a week, except from the second half of January, when they enjoy their holidays.

Address: Calle San Matias 21


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